What is SEO ?
SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine O…

How Would you define SEO ?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a Process..

What is the importane of SEO ?
If your running online business then naturlly..

What is SEO?
SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.

How would you define SEO?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process which involves the use of techniques which bring higher website ranking in search engines.

What is the importance of SEO?
If your running online business then naturally you should have good website presence. To get your website included among first ten results of the SERP (search result page) of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc, you need to take SEO services. If your website appears on the top of the search result page for the search terms utilized by the Internet users then ultimately you are going to gain much more business opportunities.1

Can you tell me how SEM is different from SEO?
SEM is Search Engine Marketing where as SEO, as already said, stands for Search Engine Optimization. Both SEM and SEO bring website visibility but former (SEM) is much more pricey than the latter (SEO). For SEM services you will have to pay to Search Engines to obtain services like Pay per click, Pay per impressions, Pay per acquisition etc. Your will gain visitors as long as you continue paying to the search engines and once you stop, your add will be removed. Naturally you will not receive any traffic then.

SEO is a bit different. You do not pay to the search engines. By employing proper SEO techniques you can gain top most position. It can bring long term results.
Most of the website owners, in hope of getting large amount of traffic, bid on relevant keywords and pay huge amount to search engines but once they stop paying their add is removed so it is recommended that you take SEO services.
What does ROI stand for? How can I calculate ROI?
ROI stands for ‘Returns on Investments.’ If you spend money on SEO services then you can let yourself know of what advantage you are getting by noticing an increase in your website traffic or web sales. Thus you can calculate your ROI.

How can you help me in SEOing my website? Or Why shall I take SEO services from you?
We have great expertise in carrying out SEO. We understand your business goal and by employing true or ethical SEO techniques we bring your website on the top.

What is Pay For Results?
Pay For Results itself shows that customers or the clients will have to pay us only according to the results they receive. We do not charge any upfront fee or set up fee. To make this very clear to our customers please we have given an example.
We started SEO for this website: www.ielts4u.net in the year 2008. For one whole month they did not receive any traffic. So our client had the choice not to pay us. Second month this website received 450 visitors so we charged him accordingly. Presently this website receives 16,000 visits / month and we are charging accordingly.

How do you charge? Can you provide us your rate card?
Prices vary from industry to industry or depend much more on competition in your respective business market. For instance for a flight booking company website in the UK, SEO charges will be higher as there is more competition but if you have a health and fitness website then probably the competition is not that stiff so charges will be reasonable. We always provide tailor made SEO solutions for our clients across the globe.
Well, I already receive 2000 visitors through SEO then how your SEO services would make a difference?
When we start SEO for a particular website we install Google Analytics into website and monitor from time to time. If there are 2000 visitors already then we endeavor to keep up your presence and if you receive more than 2000 visitors then we will charge you accordingly.

I have taken SEM services as well. So how would I know that I am receiving website traffic through your SEO services?
As answered earlier, We install Google Analytics into your website. This will help us analyze the traffic sources from SEO or SEM. We will not charge you for the traffic you receive through SEM services and we will charge you only for the traffic you receive through our ethical SEO services.

We even advertise our website URL in magazines or through many other marketing mediums. How would you differentiate the traffic I receive through my advertisements or your SEO services?
The answer is the same. Google Analytics will let us know how many Internet users have reached your website by typing your URL. We will exclude the amount of traffic you receive directly through your URL and charge you only for our SEO efforts.
What is the Price Formula of your Pay-For-Results?
Traffic you receive through Search Engine Expert Efforts = Total Traffic – SEM Traffic – Direct URL traffic.
Do you charge any set up fee for your Pay-For-Results Services?
In one simple word. NO. We do no charge any upfront fee for our Pay For Results Services. But if you have no registration proof then we may ask you to pay money well in advance. No worries, because if we do not bring results for you then we will refund your money.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, There are no hidden costs involved in our Pay For Results Services.

Is contract period required for me to take SEO services from you?
No, You will not have to. We will work as long you we can help you achieve your goal. However, we would like you to give us 60 days notice period before you decide not to take services from us.

How many keywords can I start with?
You can select 20-100 keywords to start with. We recommend that you select the best keywords much more relevant to your business website. We even optimize websites for over 500 keywords if you have got a website with over 250 pages.
What are your targeted countries?
Well, We work for our clients across the globe. We target any location you want us to.
Do you also target keywords in other languages rather than English?
Well, No. We do not. We work on English Language Keywords.

Can I do SEO on my own?
To be honest, you can perform SEO on your own but it is truly time consuming. If you think you can spare time then you can but we recommend you take SEO services from us as experience also matters.

Do SEO results last for a longer time?
Well, it again depends on the industry, competition level or the targeted location. SEO results last for a year sometimes and sometimes last only for a couple of months.
Do you make use of automated tools?
No. We really do not. We do manually. Even search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc, do not like such automated techniques. It, in fact, may harm the website.

How do you do SEO for my website? What are the different processes you undertake to increase my website visibility?
We adopt both traditional and innovative methods.

We perform

  1. On-Page Optimisation
  2. Link Building
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Directory Submission
  5. Blogging
  6. Press Releases
  7. Forums
  8. Article Submission
  9. Classified Ads etc.
  10. Social Networking

Do you use any black hat SEO techniques?
No, we do not use unethical SEO techniques. We know what the use of such techniques will lead to. We even recommend others not to use such techniques.

What do I need to provide to you if I want to take SEO services from you?
We require a few things before we start SEO for your website. We fully want to understand your business objective.
We would like you to provide
Keyword list
Access to your web pages or link pages
Access to your website analytics.
Updated information about your business products.
Do you make changes in our website pages?
To obtain favorable SEO results we sometimes make changes. We may alter meta tag descriptions, or footer links etc. Our clients can do these all on their own if they want but we recommend you allow us so that we bring good results for you.

Do you also require access to web server?
No, we do not require. In time of need, we will let you know of this.

Increase in website traffic increases sales but what if I do not receive any increase in sales even after getting traffic to my website?
Well, we can guarantee that you will receive targeted traffic to your website. However if you do not gain any increase in your business sales then the problem might lies in design of the website or other related factors. We recommend you address your problems to us immediately.

Will I receive reports on SEO services you do?
Yes, we provide reports on monthly basis to our clients. We let us customers know of the website statistics.